VITAS' SPECIAL APPEAL to the Chinese fans

My dear friends from China! From the bottom of my heart I would like to tell you a huge THANK YOU for the warmth of your souls, for your love and understanding. Never, never in my life will I forget your warmth, your empathy during these most difficult times. This is my life, my responsibility, but I will stand up to it all because I see and feel your support, your cordiality. I will always remember it. I am an artist, I am really very upset about this situation and want to live through this nightmare, to come out to the stage and say to my every spectator, every person: "Thank you, my dear!" TV reports will be left in the past but my songs will live in your hearts. And I will do everything to prove my love to you. I am enormously grateful to you for your sympathy and support, for being able to be with you, my dear Chinese friends!

Sincerely yours,








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